Computer Virus and Spyware Cleanup

Malware RemovalSan Francisco Computer Virus and Spyware Cleanup is one of the most critical tasks we perform to help prevent identity theft and to help protect a user’s privacy. 

Computer Malware is No Laughing Matter! Losses resulting from a  virus and/or spyware infection can be catastrophic. According to a joint study from IDC and the National University of Singapore (NUS), breaches, malware cost $491 billion in 2014.  These infection can result in the loss of features in an user’s computer, slow performance, ongoing random system errors, and internet search re-directions, just to name a few.

For over 15 years we have helped many clients in San Francisco with Expert Computer Virus and Spyware Cleanup services. We offer a combination of industry leading malware removal technologies and the experienced technicians we have to ensure our clients have the safest and most secure service for restoring infected computers.

Our Computer Virus and Spyware Cleanup is guaranteed! We restore an infected computer to a 100% clean and secure state. And, to further protect your computer, we apply all the latest updates, security patches and malware protection.

We make sure no Data is lost in the process!

It’s all too common that computer users end-up losing valuable data due a malware infection. We have the tools and experience to ensure your data is restored and completely disinfected.

The Real Cleanup Job

Our malware cleanup motto is very simple, we take care of business assuring a 100% disinfection rate. Often we hear stories of a computer sent for a virus or spyware cleanup only to come back and re-infections reoccur. At BMB we make sure NO Malware is left behind!

There Is No Single Solution

No anti-virus, internet security, firewall or other security software application is 100% effective. The best, most highly rated security software solutions are around 90% effective at detecting and stopping threats. There is a perpetual arms race between anti-virus firms and malware creators, so the situation for the end user is confusing and constant changing. We can help train you how to recognize threats and practice safe computing habits to reduce your chance of ever being infected in the first place.

There May Be No Symptoms

As threats are often silently installed, users may not even know their security has been compromised. We see a lot of computers with severe infections that went undetected. A lot of times malware infection is often miss-diagnosed as a failing hardware or blamed on user error.

Call us for a free full assessment of your computer’s security!  Our Computer Virus and Spyware Cleanup process is top notch! 415/240.7357.